Our Only Agenda Is Your Success

Our Team is committed to you for as long as it takes to execute your transaction.

The Stage Left Team

Stage Left was co-founded by experienced executives whose diverse backgrounds bring a wealth of knowledge and unique perspectives. We are able to communicate with entrepreneurs and corporate executives at a strategic, financial and operational level. Collectively we bring decades of business experience ranging from start-up companies to large corporate environments.

The principals of Stage Left personally handle your transaction start to finish. We have experienced the twists and turns of multiple transactions and will work with you day-to day throughout the entire process.

And we won’t give up. We have successfully completed transactions in over 85% of our engagements, significantly outperforming the industry.

Our team’s only agenda is your success. We accomplish this through the relentless pursuit of creating and enhancing value in your transaction. We know that the sale or purchase will have a major impact on your future.

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Darren Dumba

Managing Director, Stage Left Partners Ltd.
[email protected] | 1-604-418-8200

Darren is the Managing Director and works closely with you and the Stage Left team to ensure the successful completion of your transaction. Darren is known for his integrity, expertise, passion and collaborative approach helping you understand and prepare for the sale or purchase of a business throughout the entire process.

Prior to becoming an M&A Advisor, Darren was a senior executive for over 20 years primarily in the Telecom and Technology industries. As key member of the senior management team for many early stage companies with an extensive background in Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP), he has delivered significant results through strong communication and effective decision making, while ensuring that the right team is in place and working together to achieve desired targets and objectives.

He has been involved in numerous acquisitions, has experience with vetting and putting together complex deals. Darren has worked in a global environment, understands the legal and financial complexities for both Acquisition and Exit transactions and the full deal life cycle. As a committed and passionate M&A professional, Darren possesses the energy, dedication, and ability to think outside the box, setting the tone for our mutual success.


Gerry Pelletier

Director, Stage Left Partners Ltd.
[email protected] | 1-519-567-1933

Gerry is an M&A professional with deep financial and strategy experience gained from a 40-year career at IBM. Gerry led IBM Canada’s M&A Group for 5 years.

During this time Gerry was appointed the lead IBM representative tasked with negotiating the divestiture of Celestica valued at $750 million. He interacted with numerous professionals to successfully conclude negotiations and sign contracts in collaboration with merchant bankers.He was also responsible for securing the deal to acquire an initial $35 million stake in ISM later boosted to a $200 million 100% investment. This allowed IBM to enter and develop the IT outsourcing market.

These two examples resulted in changing the structure and growth curve of IBM Canada. Gerry is a performance-driven senior executive renowned for realigning the business structure, processes and practices to achieve operational excellence. Gerry can take the point-of-view of a large corporate buyer or seller and translate that to create value in your transaction. Gerry also acted as part time CFO for two start up companies and led the process to raise funds for growth. Gerry worked with the executive teams to create a strategy, financial model and all other materials required for investor presentations. In one case the funds were raised and the company was eventually sold to Standard & Poors.

Gerry is respected across all business functions, and is an articulate, tactful and a diplomatic communicator. Gerry leads the financial modelling and negotiations with prospective buyers and sellers. He is a proactive leader who coaches, motivates and empowers people to succeed and deliver.

Grant Basiuk

Vice President, Stage Left Partners Ltd.
[email protected] | 1-403-615-7889

Grant joined Stage Left Partners as Vice President after being involved in several projects with the Stage Left team members over the past decade. Grant is known for his commitment to helping others achieve their goals and brings a broad range of business experience to the team that supports both the internal operations of Stage Left and our execution of customer transactions.

Prior to joining Stage Left Partner, Grant co founded and owned consulting practices that provided strategic planning, operational, marketing and sales consulting services to their clients. He was instrumental in the development of his firm’s Parallel Track methodology which helped technology firms map their product development in parallel with their marketing activities helping to secure funding, scale staffing at appropriate times and engage early-stage beta customers. Grant has been a sales leader working with national and international client bases. His work experience ranges from starts up to multinational firms and he is willing to roll up his sleeves to get things accomplished.

In his work as a business coach, Grant assisted business owners to build value in their companies through a process of operational improvements in all areas of their businesses. Helping clients set out strategic plans for growth as part of this process positioned these organization to look at acquisition or exits as option for the ownership teams. He is excited to bring his project management and operational experience to the Stage Left team to help our client achieve their exit or acquisition goals.

Working with the Stage Left Partners Team, Grant is an integral part of the deal flow ensuring the successful completion of transactions.

Jaret Henhoeffer

Director, Stage Left Partners Ltd.

Jaret is an M&A professional, Adventure Capitalist and Entrepreneur. Jaret’s passion is helping entrepreneurs acquire, build and exit profitable companies.

Jaret has participated in over 100 successful transactions including leading the sale of companies, the acquisition of companies, joint ventures, angel investing, and investments into start-up and growth companies.

As the co-founder and GM of a capital investment fund, Jaret personally led investments into 100+ early stage and growth companies over an 8-year period. As an entrepreneur, Jaret has founded and built Penguin Power Holdings into a decentralized solar utility that designs, builds and maintains solar installations under contract with the Province of Ontario to supply solar kilowatts to the electricity grid until 2034. Penguin Power Holdings also has active equity positions in growth companies in the waste and label printing industries. Jaret’s corporate experience at companies including Air Miles and Canadian Tire taught him how to identify synergy, value cash-flows, negotiate successful joint-ventures and launch new divisions like the evolution of Canadian Tire retail into a Schedule 2 Bank in Canada. Jaret’s formal education includes an HBA and MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University where he studied valuation under George Athanasakkos.

Today, Jaret is focused on helping great entrepreneurs successfully implement an exit or acquisition strategy. He has completed transactions in technology, agriculture, event management and the print industry. Jaret is passionately committed to helping enable win/win transactions that deliver value to both acquirers and sellers. Jaret is a member of YPO and EO, the premier leadership organizations for entrepreneurs in the world.

Rob Brickman

Advisor, Stage Left Partners Ltd.

[email protected] | 1-416-931-8749

Rob joins Stage Left Partners in the role of Executive M&A Advisor bringing his extensive strategic planning, transformation, technology, risk management and financial accounting experience to our team. With a background in both large corporate and SMB environments, Rob’s breadth of knowledge touches virtually all industry sectors and will offer invaluable insights to our clients as they navigate exits or acquisitions.

Rob is an analytical thinker, exceptional communicator and innovator. Not one to accept the status quo, he challenges conventional thinking and has helped the Stage Left team to continually re-evaluate our thinking and uncover greater value in our client projects. Rob is enthusiastic about applying his extensive knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals.